Vocal and Communication Skills Coach
I highly recommend Clare if you are looking for lasting results with a new voice, mesmerising presentation skills and a confident direction. You won’t regret it!” 


I believe that the better you communicate the greater your success in business, as well as in life. We all want to feel that we are being heard especially in a world of information overload.  Good communication skills start with you so it is important to develop techniques that will help you to cut through the noise and stand out from the rest. 


I lead group workshops and work with clients on a one-to-one basis coaching you to inspire, compel and persuade.  My coaching focuses on drawing out a confident and flexible voice. Using positive body language, gestures, and facial expressions will help deliver your message with clarity; developing captivating storytelling skills will move you onwards to become an expert communicator with a powerful voice that can make a great impact in business, presentations, public speaking, media and social media appearances.


You may want to deliver a pitch or presentation, teach large groups of students on a daily basis, deliver a speech to a client or friends in a formal or informal setting, or manage nerves in an interview situation.  All require vocal flexibility, clarity, expression, and confidence in delivery. My coaching uses a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from the world of theatre, radio and film, and will appeal to anyone who is asked to stand up in front of an audience of 2 or 2,000.