Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Making an impact and communicating your story with presence and gravitas is a key business skill. In order to win over your audience and keep them engaged, you need a well-crafted and compelling story. Understanding and effectively using the techniques that will make your message stick is the key to your success.

Throughout the training you will explore and develop a clear message, you will craft your story using imagery and metaphors,  you will then explore techniques that will help express your personality with confidence.  With a powerful voice and positive body language, you will discover that you can fully engage and influence your audience and move them to action.  


Improving posture and vocal production is known to increase a sense of confidence and well-being. Using a series of enjoyable, engaging, easy to learn techniques,  I will help free your natural voice, giving it resonance, clarity and confidence.  

I will help you to:

  • Craft and refine speeches and presentations​


  • Influence audiences through improved presentation skills and spoken communication

  • Increase your stage presence and build a rapport with your audience​

  • Deliver your speech with confidence and clarity

  • Manage nerves through breath control and relaxation techniques​

  • Build confidence through improved posture, gestures and eye contact

"She had a wonderful way of dispersing fears and self-consciousness and working her magic on all the participants. Brilliant!"