Vocal and Presentation Skills for Women 

Some women find it hard to make themselves heard in a world still dominated by men.  Women still face an unconscious gender bias when pitching for investment, or being interviewed for that top position or when presenting  an idea or lecture.  

Often anxiety and nerves cause tension in the larynx, creating a rise in pitch and a shrillness to the voice. The volume and quality of sound emitted through the voice box can be affected by tense environments, which can lead to an overcompensation that comes across as either too aggressive or too submissive.

My teaching will focus on practical skills to build vocal and physical confidence, and communicate with impact and clarity.   These easy to learn techniques will help gain and sustain an audience.  They can be applied in preparation for an event or an interview, and during the performance of it.  My workshops will provide you with a set of tools which will help you to find and free your natural voice, giving it resonance, clarity and confidence.


My small group workshop sessions will focus on:

  • Sourcing and controlling sound through improved awareness of breath.

  • Improving vocal flexibility.

  • Finding the vocal pitch that is true to you.

  • Developing techniques which will give energy and clarity to your voice.

  • Managing nerves through breath control and relaxation techniques.

  • Understanding the power of pause and emphasis.

  • Building confidence through posture, gestures and eye contact.

  • Developing an awareness of the importance of stance, body language and facial expression.

  • Finding ways to use the voice to engage and hold an audience.

  • I can also offer a bespoke service designed specifically for your personal needs following a telephone consultation.

"The course was excellent and I have been raving about it to my friends and to colleagues running women's services"