“I highly recommend Clare if you are looking for lasting results with a new voice, mesmerising presentation skills and a confident direction. You won’t regret it!”


Sarah Chapman, NHS Consultant

“Clare is an intuitive teacher with the the ability to guide you to rediscover your true authentic voice, allowing an honest yet professional identity to emerge with gravitas."

Robert Towers


"Truly transformational in her approach, Clare helps regain the lost sound of our voice and alongside this, helps us find our way back to ourselves.”

Mark Hamilton


"Just to say, the (vocal) workshop at Watford Theatre for the Royal Literary Fund was brilliant. I am still fizzing with excitement. I have been on many courses in my time but never have I come away so fired up and raring to go as I did after Clare Kissane's Voice workshop. The activities were enormous fun and really helped improve my delivery. She had a wonderful way of dispersing fears and self-consciousness and working her magic on all the participants. Brilliant!"

Barbara Horton

"Thanks for the fun, engaging and informative training day (Expert Readers Day). You had a way of putting everyone at ease and encouraging us all to try new things and to explore new possibilities. I had a brilliant time and the activities you provided were really helpful!"

Annette Lidster

"The exercises you taught are proving very useful and it was fascinating to observe how it's possible to use one's voice to create very disparate characters simply by use of breath, and utilising different parts of the mouth. I would definitely recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to learn about performance. This workshop could be useful for someone wanting to gain confidence in public speaking, bring character to their own reading in group situations, possibly even as a spur into acting itself. Thank you Clare."

Dennis O'Sullivan


"I loved this course and Clare is a highly professional coach, I was so happy to meet her in my life, she made me believe I can overcome my lack of confidence, and she opened so much natural beauty in every participant. Amazing!"

"The course was excellent and I have been raving about it to my friends and to colleagues running women's services"

Women in Business Workshop, The Little Angel Theatre

"I really liked Clare’s positivity and constant encouragement throughout. I’m in awe of her stamina!

I think the way she gave constructive criticism was particularly useful.  We can’t judge what we’re doing physically so to have someone gently tell us is very useful.  She was very sensitive to individual’s needs and uncertainties but equally pushed us to present with more confidence".

"Clare's relaxed 'fun' style made us all drop our inhibitions immediately. The voice exercises were interesting and accessible, particularly the emphasis on 'how to breathe'"

"Clare's individual feedback was also really helpful; she created a lovely balance of secure group dynamics in an atmosphere of trust, so that the focus on individual feedback was both constructive and enlightening".

Building Blocks for Effective Communication Workshop