Voice Training for Business and Life

Your voice matters - it represents who you are.  It is a powerful tool. If you’re not connected to it, how are you able to express your thoughts and feelings fully? Are you afraid to speak up in a meeting?  Do you feel uncomfortable in social gatherings? Do you need help with that wedding speech?  Whether standing up in front of an audience or meeting someone for the first time, we can often be overcome with fear and anxiety. 


If you want to find the voice that feels like you, I will help you communicate more effectively as well as develop a greater presence. ​ The better your communication the greater your success in business and life.

My training will help you:

  • Build an awareness of body posture and breath

  • Improve vocal flexibility to deliver your message with impact

  • Find energy and clarity in your voice to enhance your communication skills

  • Control vocal production through improved awareness of your breath

  • Reconnect to your authentic voice

"She made me believe I can overcome my lack of confidence, and she opened so much natural beauty in every participant. Amazing!"